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    High school rowing is one of the most rewarding, team-focused things your child can participate in. The bonds formed on their team may last far beyond high school. It's also one of the most challenging things they can do which should help them become more disciplined, focused and organized as they get ready to embark on their journey to adulthood. Rowing crew competitively requires commitment and old fashioned hard work but the rewards are plentiful. 

    Our coaches are the ultimate resource for practice information and if you ever have a specific question, even if it's answered in general below, please don't hesitate to ask. Their contact information can be found in the "Coaches" section. 

    As a disclaimer, this is general information put together by me (Robert, President) based on my 6 years being involved with SORA. ALL final decisions are the discretion of the coaching staff any may from time-to-time differ from this information. Disclaimer made... here are the answers to some of the questions asked most often by families of new high school rowers about rowing practice

    Q: We seem to practice a lot including Saturday morning. Is this necessary? 

    A: Yes, it's necessary if we want to compete against the teams we race against. If you look across the crew world you will see most teams practicing 6-7 days a week, usually year-round and that those morning practices on the weekend are crucial. Since our sport is so dependent on the conditioning of the rowers it's necessary that they train as often as possible. At the end of each season we do a survey to see how the previous season went. Each year we hear that being more competitive is something most of our rowers are looking for. This year we've taken a step towards that goal of being more competitive against our local rivals and beyond.

    Q: What if my rower can't make every practice due to a schedule conflict? 

    A: Please communicate that to your coach and they can work with your family wherever possible. That said, with crew being the ultimate team sport, it's important for rowers to be at as many practices as they can. Leading into our Spring season/State Championships, attendance will be even more crucial as we settle into boat lineups practicing together for those big races. If one rower is out, the entire boat is unable to practice. It's up to the individual coaches to determine their policy where attendance is concerned so please have this conversation with them as soon as you become aware of a potential schedule conflict.

    Q: What if my rower has a lot of homework or a big test the next day. Is it ok to skip practice? 

    A: School and academic performance is THE priority for student athletes at SORA. Our coaches understand the rigor of trying to balance crew with school work and if it's necessary to miss practice for academic reasons then they will fully support that. That said, our coaches will stress time management so that the rowers can structure their schedule to both excel in their academics AND their rowing. We've found that most rowers, even with the demanding schedule of crew often elect to have tough academic schedules and still manage to achieve very high GPAs.

    Q: What if it's raining... really hard. Do we still practice? 

    A: Yes! The general rule is that unless it's truly unsafe to get to practice, our coaches will be on-site and ready to run practice rain, shine or storm. Safety is our #1 priority so the coaches will keep this in mind when making "plan b" plans for a rainy/stormy day but it is very possible to get a lot of good work in on rainy days so rowers should not use rain as a reason not to come. Also, due to carpool arrangements for many of our rowers, it's not possible to cancel practice at the last minute. IF we do feel the need to cancel practice based on current forecasts or observed weather at the park, we will sent out a text alert, post on Facebook and send email. 

    Q: What about days when school is out? Do we practice then too? 

    A: All OCPS (Orange County Public Schools) days off are on the SORA calendar you can subscribe to on this website. On those days we generally have practice though it may be in the morning. Your coach will communicate this to you and we will attempt to get word out via text what the practice schedule is for those days.

    Q: I hear we train during Spring Break. Is this true? 

    A: Yes! This is another nearly universal thing in rowing. You'll even see many teams from up north traveling to Orlando over their Spring Break to train in our warm weather. Spring Break is THE primary kicking off point for the push for our State Championships. Each coach will build their training schedule and release it to their team as early as possible. We also have "Camp Crew" leading into Spring Break where the rowers all camp together (boys and girls with their own camp areas) at Moss Park. This is a great bonding experience and we highly encourage all high school rowers to attend. 

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    Coinciding with the first official day of high school practice is our annual fall parents' meeting. We will meet at 5:45 under pavilion 2 at Moss Park. 

    We ask that all parents attend this short meeting where we'll cover all the important info for this season and answer any questions you may have. 

    If you tell the gate that you're there to pick up a rower, you will not need to pay park entry fees.

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    Important Upcoming Dates: 

    August 16th, 18th, 22nd, 23rd & 25th - (3:45pm - 5:30pm) Captains' Practices (HS Only)
    August 20th - (7:45am - 11:00am) - Pancake Paddle
    August 29th - (3:30pm - 6:15pm) - First Day of High School Practice
    August 29th - (5:45 - 6:15) - Parents' Info Meeting
    September 6th -First Day of Middle School Practice

    Still to be announced:

    Middle School Parent's Info Meeting - These should be just after the start of the season.

    In these weeks and days leading up to the start of the season we will make every effort to "over communicate" so you don't miss out on any important dates, events, deadlines, etc. 

    This season more than any other I hope that the SORA Google calendar found on the home page of will become the goto source for information followed by the SORA events page. The goal is to have ALL things SORA on the calendar this year as early as we can get them there. You can subscribe to this calendar to incorporate it into your own calendar. This is highly recommended.

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    It's almost time to start registering for the 2016-2017 season. We're putting the finishing touches on the plans for the season now so look for a list of important dates as well as registration info soon.

    Also, we've completed moving all of our financial/billing to professional management rather than having it done by volunteers. In the future, all billing concerns or questions will be answered by their staff. Communications to membership about billing issues will either come from our automated system (in use since last season) or our accounting staff. The only volunteer involvement in the system will be in regards to registration processing. This completes a nearly 2 year long process of streamlining our financial/business practices to ensure our continued growth and stability as a club. 

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    Our very own Timothy Labato is starring in a short film called Fallen Fruit premiering Sunday, August 7th at Universal Cineplex 20. If you want to support Tim, check it out along with a red carpet event before. A few tickets are still available.



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    There will be two memorial events held by the Barton family for those who want to come together and heal/celebrate Dale's life. 

    Friday, June 3rd, 6pm-9pm at the Barton home, 1201 Homosassa Ct, Longwood, FL 32779. 


    Although we are having an official memorial at Wekiva Springs the following Sunday, we wanted to offer anyone and everyone to come to our house Friday June 3rd for an evening with our family. 

    Please do not dress in anything special, Dale sure wouldn't have. We will provide food and beverages.

    The purpose of this evening is healing. The Barton family was beyond blessed to be able to see where he walked, laughed and lived in Barcelona Spain and we are ready to share that with his extended family. 

    Please contact Kenneth, Dale's older brother for more details if you need them. 407-978-7064.

    Sunday, June 5th, 9:30am-2pm at Wekiwa Springs State Park, 1800 Wekiwa Cir, Apopka, Florida 32712.


    SPEED LIMIT IN THE STATE PARK 10 MPH. Please mind this, they are extremely strict. 

    This is the official memorial for Dale W. Barton's passing. 

    The event will be a pot luck because several people have voiced their interest in bringing food to the Barton Family. Although we will provide food for everyone, please don't hesitate to bring something. Please do not bring any alcohol to this event. 

    Dress Code: Dale W. Barton. 
    Flip Flops, shorts, T Shirts, BBQ Stains, and a big smile is all we would like to see on Sunday. There's no major need to shroud your self in black, or any kind of suits. 

    Please read these details - Wekiwa Springs fills to capacity on the weekends. We will be providing special hang tags for your vehicle that will allow you in to the Park, even if they have reached capacity.
    Although the event says Wekiwa Springs, we will host the event in the Dining Hall at Wekiva Youth Camp inside the Park. We will provide maps, directions, signs and everything necessary for arriving at the location. 

    Feel free to contact Ken G Barton, send me a text: 407-978-7064 or call for directions or more information about the official memorial.

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    It is with a heavy heart that we share with the SORA family the loss of one of our alumni, Dale Barton ('15)

    No information is currently available on the circumstances. The family has created a legacy page on facebook:

    If you have stories, photos or laughs to share of your time with Dale, the family would love to hear them on the legacy page.

    We will share information on a service/memorial as soon as those details are available.

    From Nick Barton on Facebook:

    This is the most heart breaking message that a family would ever have to post.

    The Barton family, and the whole world lost a great, giant, gentleman on 5.22.16 - Dale W Barton.

    Dale was living in Barcelona, Spain with young folks from all over the world. He was a "paid beach bum", happy, planning to chase the sun, and enjoying the life he was creating for himself.

    Nick, Theresa and Kenneth are with him in Barcelona.

    We will post all about the memorial plans soon. Please do not send flowers, we will provide info about that soon.

    For now please share a photo, story, joke and memories of Dale on the Dale W. Barton Legacy page on Facebook.

    Please think of Dale as the unique big boy who marched to his own drums, if you listen hard, you may be able to hear them.

    Love the Barton Family.

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    A HUGE thank you to Melissa from Memories That Matter ( for donating her time and photo booth at the banquet. Below is the link to the pictures. If you ever have need of this kind of service, please reach out.

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    The below rowers are missing waivers and MUST have them completed by 4 p.m. today (Friday) to be able to race this weekend.

    Updated Friday, 2:45pm

    Middle School:
    Isabella M

    PREFERRED METHOD is online

    • Cost is $5.95 for the basic online waiver
    • PLEASE NOTE: all high school rowers will need to have the championship membership to race at SE Regionals (Sarasota, May ___).  This cost is $45 and includes your waiver.  If you choose to just sign the waiver now ($5.95), you can upgrade your memership before SE Regionals.

    If you are unable to fill out the online waiver, you can fill out the paper waiver:

  • 03/09/2016 1:11 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
    The OARS regatta is the first regatta of 2016 that requires all of our rowers to sign the USRowing waiver.  If you did this in the Fall, YOU MUST FILL IT OUT AGAIN for 2016. 

    This includes High School, Middle School, Masters and Adaptive. 

    PREFERRED METHOD is online

    • Cost is $5.95 for the basic online waiver
    • PLEASE NOTE: all high school rowers will need to have the championship membership to race at SE Regionals (Sarasota in May).  This cost is $45 and includes your waiver.  If you choose to just sign the waiver now ($5.95), you can upgrade your memership before SE Regionals.

    If you are unable to fill out the online waiver, you can fill out the paper waiver:

    Thank you for your response in completing these waivers.  We will run our waiver report Thursday at noon and update the membership on missing waivers.


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