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Moss Park Closed For Now

09/14/2017 9:30 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

No doubt this is trying times for many in our area after Irma. We hope you are all doing well, getting power back and are coping the best you can. Please reach out to your SORA family if you have need. We have a large and diverse membership that may be able to help. If you need help, email and we'll be happy to use our system to ask on your behalf, even if it's to locate a hard to find item or find stores that are open. Let us be a resource if you need it. 

As for us, SORA isn't the worst off by far but the damage to our boatyard, dock and Moss Park itself will take some time to recover from. Please know the board and coaching staff are working on plans for temporary and long-term rebuilding. We hope to be able to send word out of those plans soon. 

The most important information we have to share is this: Per Orange County Park Services and our local Moss Park manager, we need to keep out of Moss Park while their cleanup is happening. 

While it's true our boatyard and dock area sustained damage, Moss Park itself suffered even more and there is a massive amount of cleanup to be done... and yes, as a club we've discussed jumping in to help if they want it but for now they have to do certain things just to make it safe to enter. 

So the park is closed until further notice (we hope it reopens next week) and we've committed to keeping all members and staff out until they tell us we can reenter. This is crucial to our relationship with not only Moss Park but Orange County Park Services and we ask that everyone associated with SORA honor the commitment we've made so they can do their work. 

On a positive note, our GoFundMe drive has been amazingly successful so far ( and we appreciate everyone who is donating and sharing. With your continued support, we believe our initial goal is attainable but we're not quite there yet so please keep passing the link/post around. Remember, even if you are not in a position to donate yourself, sharing on your social media feeds can help a lot. 

Thank you for your patience and if you have questions, please email Phil at or reach out to coach Terry at

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