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South Orlando Rowing Association

Sculling Oar Sponsorship (2017-2018)

08/23/2017 9:14 AM | Deleted user

YOU CAN SPONSOR A SET OF SCULLING OARS for the 2017-2018 season!  

In an effort to improve our equipment this fall, SORA is providing the opportunity to members, alumni, and supporters to sponsor a set of SORA sculling oars for $100+ (details below).  The money from this project will go to the SORA equipment fund and will lead to improved quality and new future sculling oars for SORA.

If you don't know which set you want to sponsor... ask your favorite rower which set they like!  Each set is marked with a label where they are stored (ex B1, C5, D3, etc).  Each row (B - G) has a specific brand of oar: Dreher, Concept 2, WinTech or Braca). 

You can complete your sponsor request online.  Upon receiving your request, we will assign sponsors on first come, first served.  

$100 Sponsor: sponsor a set of oars already in the SORA fleet.  Your sponsor name will be on both oars in your sponsored set.

$300 Sponsor: Sponsor a set of NEW SORA sculling oars.  4 sets available.  These oars will be purchased during the Fall Season.




  • When will sponsor vinyl be applied:
    • By Sept 15 for $100 sponsors and by Nov 15 for $300 sponsors (we will need to order the new oars first!)
  • How long will my name be on the sponsored oar?  
    • Until August 2018.  We will renew oar sponsors at the start of the 2018-2019 racing season
  • Where will my sponsor name be applied?  
    • Between the Handle and the start of the oar sleeve.  The name will be positioned for viewing when the rower is at the catch & through the drive (on the square)
  • Does sponsoring an oar make it so my rower has priority use
    • Unfortunately No.  These are sponsors for team-use blades (available to all SORA rowers).  However, if your rower has a set they currently use primarily, i would suggest sponsoring those oars.

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