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South Orlando Rowing Association

Power Up Erg Sprints (HS)

  • 02/06/2021

It's Erg Sprints time. Here is what you need to know for Saturday

When:  Saturday, February 6, 2021

Event Location: Mead Gardens
1300 S. Denning Drive, Winter Park, FL 32789

This is a local regatta so rowers may drive themselves. 

Report Time: Arrival time is 1 HOUR prior to your race time. Please make note of your race time on the schedule link below. If you have ANY questions, please ask your coach or email kelly@soracrew.com

SORA Race Schedule: Use link below to find your scheduled Warm-Up and Race times


Dismissal Time: Rowers are free to leave after their race but are encouraged to stay and cheer on or cox their peers. 

SORA Hospitality Link: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/409044ba8a82ba3f49-power

Regatta Wear

  • Rowers are to arrive in your SORA Hi-Vis Yellow shirt/ SORA Jacket and Black shorts/pants
  • Competition - SORA Uni-Suit, you do NOT have to wear the SORA hat.
  • For rowers still waiting on the arrival of your Uni-Suit, you may wear your SORA Hi-Vis Yellow Shirt and Black Spandex
  • This is an outdoor event, dress for the weather

Race: All rowers are allowed one coxswain for their race. This can be a coach, another rower and for middle school a parent.  Help a rower/friend out; if you see a SORA rower about to race without a coxswain jump in and help your teammate out!

Check in/Check out Procedure:  All rowers should stop by the SORA Hospitality Tent FIRST for updated information and schedule.

  • Please find your Coach once you arrive at the venue, it helps us to know who is there. Your coach will update you with any change in the schedule that will affect your race. It will be up to you to know when your race is and be ready. 

  • Please make sure you let Kelly or coaches know before you leave the venue for any reason, especially to go home. 

Novice/New Families:

If this is your first Erg Sprints, this year is a much smaller event than years past but will still be exciting and a lot of fun. I will be on-site to help answer questions and make sure your rower is where they should be. 

See You Saturday,
Kelly Hagan
SORA Program Director

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