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South Orlando Rowing Association

SORA's Covid-19 Precautions

To safely execute any rowing while we are still under CDC direction surrounding Covid-19 the following strict procedures will be followed.

  • Rower / Coaches exhibiting symptoms or who have been in contact with persons exhibiting symptoms MUST stay home.

  • Rowers /Coaches will sanitize hands on arrival (we will provide and supervise)

  • Rowers /Coaches will maintain social distance (recommended 6 ft)

  • Boats and equipment will be washed before and after while keeping the suitable distances (Boat and Oars are cleaned with a bleach water mixture before and after rowing)

  • Rowers/Coaches will not gather in groups, launch/recovery will be staggered appropriately

  • Rowers will sanitize hands again on departure

  • Coaches will ensure no interaction with other park users or park staff

  • For Rowers who do not drive themselves. We will ask all parents to remain in their vehicles and not socialize with one another.

Please feel free to ask ANY questions or address any concerns you have with our program director Kelly by email at kelly@soracrew.com

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