ALL Practices take place at: 12901 Moss Park Rd, Orlando, FL 32832

The South Orlando Rowing Association promotes the sport of rowing in high schools throughout Southeast Orlando.  Additional programs include middle school rowing, adult rowing and adaptive rowing.

SORA provides coaching, equipment, administration and helps to work to enable parents to become active volunteers. We encourage new members to come and visit whether they receive support from a school or not.  Anyone is welcome!


Rowers from high schools throughout Orlando have the opportunity to practice and compete together as the South Orlando Rowing Association. This program has produced state champions and rowers who competed at the national level.

PROGRAM GOALS: Our goal is to produce the fastest boats possible while working with the individual athlete to instill a strong work ethic, pride, teamwork and a sense of responsibility.  Rowers will be grouped together according to skill level and coached accordingly. Rowers will earn seats in racing boats.

TEAM STRUCTURE:  The Novice Team is the group of rowers who are in their first year of rowing. They practice together and race other novice teams. The Varsity Team is made up of rowers who are in at least their second year of rowing. Novice rowers may be moved up to train and compete with varsity rowers when coaches deem they are ready.  All members are junior high or high school students.

PRACTICE & COMPETITION:  Practice Days (Fall): Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri, Sat (AM)

Practice Time: 3:30-6:15 during the week and 8:00am-11:00am on Saturday (final times to be provided by boys/girls coaches at the start of the season and will be updated here)
Most competitions are on Saturdays with some travel regattas taking the weekend. 

For more information, email support@soracrew.com

SORA Jr's (Middle School)

One of the oldest & most successful Middle School programs in Central Florida, SORA Jr's program introduces middle school students to rowing through an organized and supportive program designed to teach skill and social development.  Participants will have the opportunity to race other middle school programs in local regattas.

PROGRAM GOALS: Our goal is to introduce middle school students to rowing in a fun and supportive environment.  Rowers will learn to properly use the erg (rowing machine), sweep (rowing with 1 oar) and sculling (rowing with 2 oars), stretching and weightlifting.  

TEAM STRUCTURE : All middle school rowers will train and practice with their group in boats of various sizes (1 person to 9 person).  SORA Jrs is the only Central Florida MS program to operate for the entire school year.  It is also the only Central Florida MS program to include Sculling (2 oars)

PRACTICE & COMPETITION: Practice is two days per week (Tuesday/Thursday or Monday/Wednesday 5:30-7:30).  Season Runs September-May. 

For more information, email support@soracrew.com


  SORA Adult Rowing is a great way for adults of all ages to get in shape, have fun and make friends while participating in one of best sports for building all-around fitness. Whether you're an experienced rower looking to get back on the water or new to the sport, this program will accommodate you.

Three groups are available: Tuesday/Thursday 8:30-10:30 a.m, Tuesday/Thursday, 5:45-7:45 pm, and Monday/Wednesday  

NEW adult rowers are encouraged to participate first in our monthly Learn to Row class (4 sessions over 2 weeks) and then join the Adult (Masters) program that best fits your schedule.  Experienced rowers & rowers returning to rowing after time off are able to join our programs without participating in Learn to row

For more information, email ward.lori3@gmail.com


In partnership with USRowing, the VA, the Freedom Rows program and local Veterans support programs,  SORA is able to offer programming to Disabled Veterans and members of the armed services at reduced costs.

The primary goals of Freedom Rows program are to increase the number of disabled veterans participating and competing in adaptive and para-rowing categories.  To provide expert training and technical assistance in adaptive rowing to VA adaptive sports program managers, community rowing coaches and instructors and to provide outreach coordination.

Free Lifetime Entry Pass - A free lifetime entry pass is available to: current military service members; honorably discharged veterans; honorably discharged veterans with a service-connected disability; the surviving spouse or parents of a military service member who died in combat; and the surviving spouse or parent of a law enforcement officer, firefighter, emergency medical technician, or paramedic who died in the line of duty. An application form for Free Lifetime Entry Pass can be obtained at the gate house at Moss Park or by contacting Orange County Parks and Recreation. 

For more information, email ward.lori3@gmail.com


The mission of the South Orlando Rowing Association Adaptive Program is to motivate, encourage, and sustain participation and competition in aquatic sports among disabled members of the community and their families through partnerships with national and community based partnerships.  The South Orlando Rowing Association [SORA] achieves this mission by providing aquatic sports opportunities for people with disabilities as well as providing access to information,  resources, and direct instruction.


Aquatic sports provide a unique opportunity for individuals with disabilities to access the beauty of the natural environment, achieve personal fitness goals, augment their medical treatments and physical therapy, expand their social network, and become part of a team of committed athletes and coaches.

The SORA Adaptive program began in 2008 when we began a partnership with the American Council for the Blind in developing a program to introduce rowing to individuals with visual impairments as well as to provide information and education to empower these individuals and their families to pursue the sport in their local communities. 

After much success with this pioneering endeavor, SORA began the development of our “Oar-tism” program.  This program was designed to introduce children with autism, Asperger’s, learning and intellectual disabilities to rowing and to provide  physical fitness, educational, and social opportunities to this underserved portion of the population.

In 2011 SORA Adaptive embarked on our high performance Adaptive Training Program.  Working in partnership with USRowing, Walter Reed Hospital, Athletes Without Limits, and other programs nation-wide, we began recruiting our nation’s top athletes to begin training in Orlando, Florida with a goal of competing at the 2012 London Paralympic Games.  After several months of intense training we qualified 2 athletes to become part of the U.S. National team.  Shortly thereafter, we were able to secure a spot in the 2012 Paralympics by earning a gold medal in the Rowing World Cup in Belgrade, Serbia.  The dedication, effort, and talents of the athletes and coaches came to a dramatic conclusion less than 2 months later, with a bronze medal at the London Games.  The SORA High Performance Adaptive Training Program continues to be a resource for the U.S. National Team in training and selection of athletes with our next milestone goal of competing in Rio de Janeiro in 2016.

The SORA Adaptive program advances its mission goals by providing regularly scheduled training as well as special event  programming and opportunities for local and national organizations like the Wounded Warrior Project, the Veterans Administration, the Orthotic and Prosthetic Activities Foundation, Lighthouse for the Blind, the Central Florida Brain Injury Support Group, and many others.


Our success is due to the talent, dedication, and passion of the SORA membership, Board of Directors, Coaches, and Athletes.  It is their continued efforts on a daily basis that make our program one of the best in the country.  The support of our local government and community partners is invaluable and 100% necessary to make sure we can continue our mission.  The Orange County Parks and Recreation department, Board of County Commissioners, and Public Schools have been an integral part of our program since its inception.  AGED [Advocates and Guardians for the Elderly and Disabled] & USRowing Freedom Rows have provided much of the financial support that has allowed SORA to purchase the specific equipment needed by our Adaptive members.  

Grants, donations, and gifts from USRowing Freedom Rows, the Christopher Reeves Foundation, Wounded Warrior Project, Veterans’ Administration, Challenged Athletes Foundation, and many others have provided the means for our SORA to provide for the facilities, training, travel, and competition needs of our athletes.  If you are interested in supporting or joining the SORA Adaptive Program please contact ward.lori3@gmail.com


What to Wear/Bring:

  • Sneakers & Socks                               
  • Shorts (not too baggy) or spandex                    
  • Sunscreen
  • Filled Water Bottle
  • Sandals
  • T-shirt (not too baggy)
  • Hat & Sunglasses

Weather Contingency:

If there is bad weather during practice (lightning/thunder), all boats and rowers will be immediately removed from the water. Rowers will work out under cover at Moss Park for the remainder of practice or until the weather moves through.  If practice is cancelled due to bad weather (this does not happen often), a notice will be posted to Facebook (SORA crew) and sent via email.

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